We Could Be Amazing “Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self-destruction.” — Bobby Sommer
"This year taught me that my loneliness has more to do with myself than anyone else. The loneliest I will ever be is when I do not have the strength to love myself."
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by Nivia Gonzalez

I’m sad today..

Donna di Tehuantepec, 1928
Photo by Tina Modotti
Amo México

“I feel so privileged to have been part of Matt’s reign, to have to been companion to what is and what I think always will be one of our greatest Doctors. He is so in love with the show, he works tirelessly hard, surprises me every day, always creating and discovering something new about the Doctor. A true gent, a leading man and a very special friend. I know it will be a very difficult goodbye for me, but I for one can’t wait to see where his career takes him next.”

I love this vee x

Fan made poster of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
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